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September 2022
FULLERBATH, the surface of the future

Innovation as a way of being. “FULLERBATH, the surface of the future”

Amongst the numerous innovations that are part of our history, the most revolutionary, distinctive one is represented by the recent introduction in our catalogue of Fullerbath, a technologically advanced, composite material, which is ideal in the production of worktops and claddings.

Fullerbath consists in a compound containing a high percentage of natural mineral fillers and a low percentage of highly pure polyester and acrylic polymers. Therefore, it results in an inert, hypoallergenic, non-toxic material.

Fullerbath contains molecules of fullerene C60 - the strongest antibacterial mineral available in nature -, giving the surface an everlasting active, antibacterial capacity, which a unique feature in the field, thus granting the highest hygiene.
In addition, it is 100% recyclable, highly fire-resistant, with excellent UV resistance. Compact and non-porous, durable and pleasant to the touch due to its smooth finish, it can be easily, completely repaired with a simple detergent and an abrasive sponge, that can also remove burns of cigarettes.

Fullerbath, which is a Made-in-Italy product, is available in different mass colours, namely: white, grey, black, cappuccino, taupe.

NITESCO INTERNATIONAL, always one step ahead on the way to innovation and research for new products.

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