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Nitesco DEVELOPS every day

Committed for more than twenty years in the production and supply of bases and structures for tables and desks of the highest level, the company has established itself over the years as a reliable partner for the customers, being able to guarantee considerable production volumes and high-quality standards. Passion for innovation and inventiveness on the one hand, cutting-edge research and production flexibility on the other, have allowed Nitesco, in recent years, to grow and establish itself on the Italian and international markets with its collection of finished products, a completely unique combination of design and technical excellence.
Nitesco World

Nitesco LOVES
the italian design

Their style represents identity, technology and elegance.
Nitesco is the expression of the Italian character in all its aspects, namely the link with the territory, the search for quality, the attention to the details and the innovative design.
It is the expression of the huge potential in a tradition which incorporates the seeds of timeless beauty and flourishes in the realization of state-of-the-art products.
It is warranty of style, with the advantage of a competitive value for money.

Nitesco CREATES the finished material

The strength in the experience combines with the power of the creative vision.
Creating means embracing the raw material, bringing it out with innovative processes and livening it up with the ideas.
In this way, the first collection of tables and chairs entirely designed by Nitesco originated. Nitesco has become, over the years, an undisputed technological reference in the field and the reliable supplier of high-quality semi-finished products to many customers, thus finally achieving the status of proactive partner for the realization of new projects.

Nitesco DREAMS of future projects

You do not simply choose, you decide what you want to have. Leave space to your creativity and shape your projects.
Nitesco welcomes your ideas and, by constantly communicating with you, they are transformed into finished products. The value of customization is highlighted in the realization of new, unique accomplishments. Nitesco has always worked side by side with designers and engineers, thus supporting them in giving life to their imagination.

Products that serve the Projects field

Thanks to the skills and knowledge gained over the years in the design of customized solutions, Nitesco has a process that gives shape to the designer’s ideas and culminates in the development of tailor-made products.