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August 2022
Focus on the product. Lisocore® panel

Let’s discover together the new panel Lisocore® covered withan acrylic foil.

In NITESCO INTERNATIONAL, innovation is a must.
Innovating today means improving not only from an aesthetical or constructive point of view but also meeting with sustainability.

During the recent fair in Milan we had the opportunity to present it as an absolute novelty, namely the new Lisocore® panel, which is made with renewable raw materials and is totally recyclable.

A product composed of a sandwich of two MDF skins, obtained from sustainably managed forests, and a central core that is derived from the processing of wood or vegetable fiber – both coming from fast-growing plants.

The gluing of the skin panels has to be extremely precise and the glue is applied only on specific points, thus reducing its use by 80% in comparison with the traditional sandwich panels.

Lisocore® can boast an exclusive, patented structure, which gives the product unparalleled technical features, that we can summarizes in the following: lightness, stability and strong resistance to bending and traction. Indeed, if we compare it to other products in the same category, it does not require any reinforcement to support the panel, such as tie rods or crossbars.

Lysocore® in acrylic foil finish is ideal for use such as worktops or shelves and is available in our price list in thickness 15, 25 and 40 millimeters and in 5 shades of glossy and matt acrylic. The acrylic foil is anti-scratch and anti-bacteria.

With the introduction of this new panel, NITESCO INTERNATIONAL confirms its innate inclination for technological as well as aesthetical innovation, in total respect of environment and nature.


For more information about Lisocore, you can contact us directly here.


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