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July 2022
Nitesco International broadens horizons

New challenges open up for Nitesco International!
The wish to make our products available to designers and end-users has led us to consolidate our commercial partnership with Archiproducts by starting online sales, which have become a mandatory step to make the process of research, selection and purchase of products more effective.

What do we expect from this new sales channel and why did we choose this path?
The process to digitalize the small and the medium enterprises and the B2B sector in particular, has accelerated considerably over the last two years. Thanks to the pandemic, the behavior of the consumers, both off and online, has evolved very rapidly.

The different players in the market, namely end users and companies, have begun to interact with brands through multiple channels, thus diversifying experience and touch points.

Therefore, the need to adapt marketing activities to this new scenario has become an urging aspect.
At NITESCO INTERNATIONAL, the sales cycle of a product or service is moving towards a B2B2C scenario; for this reason, our intention is to involve our distributors in business by giving them a key role in the process.
As a result, our distributors will no longer sell to the final customers, but they will instruct and give pieces of advice to them.

Why Archiproducts?
The rise of Internet has allowed some companies to go and sell directly to end users. However, this is not a tool that can be suitable for everyone, it requires a rather complex business management and a very long time to reach the break-even point. It is a market in which one has to position and compete with traditional players, that have been there for a long time and can benefit of an important competitive advantage.

Being aware of the importance of this sales channel, we decided to face this new challenge with Archiproducts, a reliable, far-sighted partner, that can boast a targeted audience, with high traffic volumes.

The path that we have taken involves a change of mentality on behalf of all the people working in the company.
It is a new era for Nitesco International, that we can face being aware of its complexity.


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