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October 2020
New collection of HPL laminates by Nitesco

Discovering the HPL

The stratified HPL is the ideal solution when you want to reach excellent performance from a functional as well as an aesthetical point of view with only one material. Indeed, it is a durable surface, whose characteristics can remain unchanged during its entire living cycle. It is the perfect support to create contemporary, refined furnishing complements, the smart expression of the huge potential inside NITESCO worktops.

The high versatility of the HPL in its processing and use is also guaranteed by the possibility to choose the most appropriate thickness for the type of artifact to be realized. NITESCO proposes it in thickness 10 millimeters.
It comes in different sizes, with 3 finishes and 16 decorations regularly in the range, thus making the customization a real service for the end users.
Highly resistant to wear and steam, it stands out for its easy sanitation and the possibility to be used both indoors and outdoors.

It is not only a laminate. At NITESCO, the HPL worktop is an essential material.