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November 2020
Nitesco at the forefront

In this challenging 2020, NITESCO has also had the opportunity to play its part in the ongoing emergency.
We have always been committed to the production of components for the realization of high quality tables and desks, establishing ourselves over the years at many companies in search for a reliable partner being able to guarantee important production volumes and high quality standards.
We have thus begun solid, privileged cooperation with some important players in the supply sector. Among these, Quadrifoglio Group Spa is a leading company in the field of office furnishing systems and is officially specified at CONSIP.

After gaining the project for the supply of new benches and related chairs, which was promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education, Quadrifoglio Group turned to NITESCO, amongst others, for the realization of the order. We accepted the challenge.
The ministerial requirement was to have more compact benches within a very short time, with which the school furnishing could be renovated in order to ensure the distancing among the pupils, thus using the space at the best.

Indeed, we managed to reconvert our production very fast and, within a couple of months, we were able to move from the initial 6/7000 pieces per day up to peaks of 12,000 benches per day. In particular, we succeeded in perfecting the production process and speeded up the supply of the raw materials, taking care of the entire production and management chain, including logistics and transportation.

Great production capacityflexibilitystrict organization of the process and extreme punctuality in deliveries have always been our essential qualities, which, in this specific case, have been applied to achieve a higher goal. For us at NITESCO, reaching our goal was important economically and, above all, from a social point of view. We are proud of our participation in this venture.