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October 2021
Innovation at 360° is an integral part of our DNA

Nitesco International looks after the creation of its products up to the smallest detail, from conception to production. Since 2004, we have been using laser technology, in particular Lasertube, for the processing of steel profiles in order to produce parts of tables, desks, bookcases and chairs.

Once implemented, this machinery has guaranteed an increase in efficiency and an improvement in the quality of semi-finished products, which used to be hand-made in the past with much longer times and less precision - the speed of laser cutting is about twenty times higher than the human one.

The high precision and the excellent results lead us to the idea of investing in further, more recent technology. Thus, on April 23, 2021, the brand new, ultra-technological Lasertube LT FIBER EVO was introduced.

This latter uses one of the most recent technologies in this field in the whole world, namely the optic-fiber laser, that cuts and drills metal profiles with precision and speed which are three times higher than the previous one and is used in the most delicate processing.
The new Lasertube will grant the highest quality and quantity standards, thus allowing Nitesco International to create innovative, unique products in the future.

The constant, strong attitude to investment and rely on R&D make Nitesco International a reliable partner and a guarantee for the customer.