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February 2021
The product of the month. The foldable table. I need space!

How many times have you longed for more space in your premises or activities?! Many for sure.

At NITESCO, we are always careful to these needs. As a matter of fact, we design our products paying particular attention to all aspects related to their functionality and usability. Indeed, we believe that a chair or a table should not only be beautiful, ergonomic and solid, but it should also and especially be "flexible". A chair should be stackable to save space if required, whereas a table should be able to fold the worktop in order to be moved alongside.

Many of our tables can boast this mechanism as an optional accessory, i.e. the folding  plate, while for one model it is foreseen as a standard component, namely the collection Squirrel.

This collection relies on a basic model with a single central column and a two-legged model.
Their versatility makes them suitable for multiple applications - living, office, projects, for indoor as well as outdoor.

For both versions, the folding mechanism is a key element, that enhances design, ergonomics and solidity.
Not only does Squirrel furnish an environment, but it also saves space whenever it is needed.

For more information on Squirrel and on its different models, you can check on our catalogue.