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March 2021
Nitesco display center. Not just space, not just products

Since 2019 Nitesco has paved an ambitious path of renewal and repositioning.
It has been a real driving force, which entailed the transformation of the company from supplier of semi-finished steel products to manufacturer of pieces of furniture.

The customers lie at the center of our new Strategic Vision, which is the basis of the project. In order to serve them in the best possible way, we have prepared ourselves properly with a range of state-of-the-art tools and services.

Amongst all, the first in order of time and the most complicated one, is the new NITESCO DISPLAY CENTRE, a multifunctional space in our company, where we display products, present our future ideas, carry out technical training and offer our typically Italian hospitality to our customers, making them feel like home.

This space, which has been designed to break down distances with the clients, this latter being a key aspect in this specific historical period, will be provided with the latest technology so as to offer online services such as: technical training, marketing seminars, visits and virtual presentations of the products.

The project for the new DISPLAY CENTRE is now fully defined and the relevant site will be started soon. The deadline for its completion is very ambitious, but we will put all our efforts in order to meet it.

Stay tuned, then, with further updates!