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January 2022
New collection Balestra

The path of evolution for Nitesco International has no slowdown for the wide array of the product range and its continuous expansion.

Our collection Balestra, signed by the archistar Simone Micheli, was created to fulfill this second aspect, thus opening new horizons and new opportunities both in the projects and the home sector.

The fluid, minimalist design inspired by the Bauhaus style lends itself well to the creation of bookcases, open wardrobes and large tables for projects, commercial and domestic use.

The combination of metal rings in different sizes gives life to an infinite series of elements that integrate perfectly with pre-existing furnishings, both in modern and classic style.

The easy dimensional customization and the wide range of finishes available in the catalogue and / or bespoke ones make the Balestra collection a "must have", much appreciated element.

In order to receive more information on the new Balestra program, you can contact our sales department, in the wait for our new general catalogue, which is currently being updated.