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July 2021
Nitesco's World by Enrica Dal Tio

In this interview, Mrs. Enrica Dal Tio, Nitesco’s Marketing and Sales Manager, tells us, in her words, that the quality of the process is as important as the final result. Indeed, the company’s core business does not seem to hinder to the possibility of customization and the evolution of the product in compliance with the new market requirements, rather it favours the use of Nitesco’s know-how to achieve different goals.

Nitesco’s history is strictly connected to the processing of steel, could you possibly tell us what is your relationship with this timeless material?

For us, the processing of steel and the creation of new high-quality products of considerable aesthetic level has always been the core of our company framework and the ultimate goal of our research. The capacity to give shape to our ideas with passion and creativity, transforming a steel block into a base for tables, coffee tables and desks, completing the products with our steel worktops in the same material as the base, has allowed us to find innovative technical and aesthetic solutions, the real engines of our daily activity for over twenty years.

We have consulted the new Nitesco catalogue, appreciating its variety and wide range, what are the main technical aspects that characterize these products?

The new catalogue was born from the increasingly urgent need to provide customers with a comprehensive tool including our entire production, thus giving an image of our company that is consistent with our times, skilfully expanding our range of products with worktops in various selected, valuable materials as well as introducing some accessories and seats to further complete the collections.

What is the collection that best represents you or that is becoming iconic of the Nitesco brand?

The CIRCUS collection represents one of our most successful products, that best embodies our constant search for aesthetic refinement, the quality of the finishes and the technical value of the product, which are the key principles of our philosophy and activity.

Is Nitesco present in the world of Projects and, if so, in what fields?

Nitesco is certainly present in the Projects sector, in particular in the Hospitality field and also in many others. Our long experience in the production of steel products, our ability to find new solutions and solve customers’ problems, in combination with our considerable production capacity and flexibility, allow us to cooperate at the best with customers doing projects of various types, for example also in the school or medical sector.

The industrial world today is more and more oriented to the customization of products,
in this scenario Nitesco represents an excellence. Who is your ideal interlocutor?

As a result of the amount of information available on the web, nowadays customers are truly "evolved" and much more aware of what the market can offer. They are constantly looking for uniqueness and adaptability of the offer to their taste and particular need. Therefore, Nitesco's ability to understand this need and develop it technically, creating tailor-made solutions for the customer, constitutes a point of excellence in the overview of the Italian manufacturing companies.

In which markets are you present and what perception do you have of the international demand after the health emergency?

The Italian market still constitutes 80% of the turnover developed by Nitesco, but the export share is growing steadily. The foreign markets on which we are most present are those of the European Union, but we also have good projects going on in Middle East and Northern Africa. The health emergency has not changed the dynamics of our exports, but it has consolidated the development plans especially oriented to the sales in Europe and also in non-European markets.

I imagine that you have in mind new commercial and industrial initiatives for the near future, could you possibly give us some inviting anticipation on the same?

Nitesco is a hotbed of ideas and is working actively on various new products to complement the existing range and create new collections, both for table bases as well as chairs.
In addition, we will also have updates in the range of worktops, with new available finishes and sizes.
Finally, there will also new developments in the range of accessories, such as bookshelves, always with the aim of providing complementary, well-assorted furnishing solutions.