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Legality Rating
June 2023
Legality Rating, Nitesco International awarded with two stars

Dear Customers, Suppliers, Friends and Supporters,

I would like to introduce myself to you, my name is Francesco Cazzaro, the President of NITESCO INTERNATIONAL; I am pleased to inform you all that our Company has obtained the assignment of the Legality Rating, which has been ratified by the Italian Antitrust Authority (AGCM) and obtained with a score of 2 stars out of 3.

The legality rating consists in an assessment system that measures the degree of compliance of a company with ethical and legal standards and principles. It is widely used to assess the reputation and reliability of the companies, rewarding those that can demonstrate a high level of integrity and transparency in their business practices.

The Italian Antitrust Authority (AGCM) is an independent Italian agency for the protection of the market and the loyal competition. The AGCM has the task of ensuring the proper functioning of markets, preventing companies from anti-competitive practices and promoting legality in commercial activities.

The legality rating is assigned by the Italian chambers of commerce on companies’ request and is based on a detailed analysis of the company processes, policies and procedures. Several aspects are considered, including compliance with laws and regulations, job safety and health management, tax fairness and commitment to environmental sustainability.

The companies that obtain a positive legality rating demonstrate their operation in compliance with all legal provisions and their ethical approach in leading their business. This certified acknowledgement represents a competitive advantage, as it is considered a sign of reliability and fairness by Customers, Suppliers, Public Administrations and Institutions.

The legality rating is considered one of the most reputed assessment indexes and can be included amongst the requirements for the award of public contracts, where companies boasting high legality score can enjoy the trust of the Contracting Authorities. The promotion of these practices in business environment will incentive operating in accordance with laws and ethical standards.

In conclusion, the legality rating is a tool that promotes ethics and legality in companies, in the market and in the country, thus rewarding those that demonstrate correct, responsible behaviour. Indeed, it contributes to create a future-oriented business model, that operates with integrity and transparency for the benefit of all economic operators and, in particular, of the consumers.