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November 2022
How will the office be in the future?

The participation in the fair Orgatec 2022 in Cologne proved to be a harbinger of novelties, pre-announcing epochal changes of scenario in the Office world. As a result of this, we decided to share with you our impressions and reflections after the visit to this very important world event.

As it is well known to all of us, the last two years have been lived in the wave of change, which involves both social and practical life. The pandemic has forced the change and has influenced habits and behaviours which are meant to remain with us, in full or in part, even in the future.

During the health emergency, we went through a production phase fully devoted to the development of solutions in order to respond to the immediate need of creating workspaces in domestic environments. Once the emergency phase ended up, the time came to think about workplaces in a broader sense, further exploring the concept of Home Office products and hybrid environments.

The pleasure of returning to the office can also be experienced through furnishing, which, in our opinion, does not only represent a trend but it also consists in a real cultural revolution.
Living one’s work by feeling like home means shifting the centre of balance on the attention to one’s well-being and to the flexibility of use of the working space.

Orgatec, the international trade fair for the Office world, has not only confirmed this trend, but it has also been a source of inspiration and vision on future technological evolutions, which digital progress will bring about to the world of work.



The attention to well-being and the increasing need for flexibility will lead to the introduction of many innovations in the field of office furniture.
Indeed, many workers, that are now accustomed to working from home as a result of the lockdowns during the pandemic, would like to regain part of the comfort and domestic freedom in their workplace.

These new necessities will impact and transform the physical working location, which will continue to be an important point of reference and company representation to the world, but it will undergo a transition and an evolution with respect to flexibility and quality of life.

Smart working, hybrid-working and office working require flexibility not only in terms of organization but also of environmental layout and furnishing.
Mobile workstations and modular furnishings will help to revise the spaces according to the current needs, thus ensuring high fluidity of the working areas, this latter being a characteristic at the base of a new trend that will surely impose itself in the coming years.



Generally, people want to work in a place allowing them to feel good and express themselves at their best.
For this reason, the design of working environments will increasingly focus on the concepts of comfort and well-being.

The importance of health and "feeling good" in one's office for an employee has never been so crucial as it is nowadays. The design is changing to reflect this attention to the person by moving towards a more residential, welcoming furnishing - Home Office.

The various ideas collected during our visit to Orgatec 2022 led us to look for new design solutions, that will materialize in the products included in the new Office catalogue, which will soon be available online.

The innovations that we have introduced are aimed at meeting the needs of people and companies with products that celebrate the well-being, both physical and environmental, and that suit fluid spaces, while maintaining unprecedented quality and ergonomic standards.


Therefore, see you soon for the official launch of our new Office catalogue.